Interior Design


Bespoke Service

We create both 2D floorplans and 3D perspective drawings to plan the layout and spatial elements of your room, including kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and bedrooms. Perhaps you are undertaking an extension or remodel and would like to visualise your room(s) before committing to structural changes or investing in expensive new furniture?  This level of design service is so useful to give you the confidence you need to get it right first time, plan the position and size of furniture and even decide on electrical socket positions before works commence.


   Our sophisticated design software has an extensive range of furniture styles and accessories to select from so we can design your room including the styling, wall colours, floor finishes and lighting.

To compliment our CAD design services our Colour Board presentation and Moodboards will give you the full package, planning the mood, theme, decoration, wall colours,  and providing you with fabric swatches and samples.

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2D Floorplans


3D Renders


Colour Boards

Let us plan your new space with our 2D scale drawings

Perspective CAD drawings to visualise your new room scheme

A visual reference for the planned decoration of your room, including wall colours, flooring finishes and textiles

“We were delighted with Claire’s design service. She helped us to visualise how we could rearrange furniture in our room and gave us guidelines on what size furniture, fittings and fixtures we could use. Claire advised what colours would work and provided lots of samples for us to view. Her project management skills were superb. I would 100% recommend."


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